Air Traffic Management


DM Aviation Limited provides consultancy and software services to the Air Traffic Management (ATM) industry. The Company's staff have considerable expertise and many years of experience in a variety of fields, including ATC operations, requirements analysis, system design, software development, and training.

The Company's staff have worked on ATM projects around the world, including NERC (UK), CAATS (Canada), NODE (UK), FATMI (Finland) and S2000 (Sweden).

The Company is able to provide assistance in a variety of areas, including Simulation, Flight Data Processing, Radar Data Processing, Conflict Detection and Resolution and other Advanced Tools and HMI techniques. Bespoke software projects can be undertaken, or existing products adapted to suit the customer's needs.

As part of its product portfolio, DM Aviation produces the Longbow Air Traffic Control Simulation System. This is a sophisticated air traffic control simulator suitable for use in approach and area control environments, for controller training, research and development, or familiarisation.

If you would like to enquire about how DM Aviation could assist with your Air Traffic Management solutions, please e-mail Dale McLoughlin.