Approach control with processed radar over primary video
Approach control

Pseudo-pilot position

Area control with multi-radar tracking
Area control

Monochrome raw primary with overlaid SSR

The Longbow Air Traffic Control Simulation System is a sophisticated ATC simulator suitable for use in approach and area control environments, for controller training, research and development, or familiarisation. It includes a complete radar simulation along with a comprehensive flight data processing function and controller support tools.

Running on a PC network, the simulator provides a fully-functional but cost effective solution to any ATC simulation requirement. The software is highly adaptable and can be configured for any airspace or method of operation. The HMI is flexible and highly adaptable and can be configured to emulate various operational systems.

Depending on the configuration chosen, a full suite of simulation functions are available, including:

  • Primary and secondary radar processing and display, with primary video, plot extraction, single and multi-radar tracking emulation.
  • Flight data processing including sophisticated route extraction, strip printing and electronic displays.
  • Short term conflict alert.
  • Medium term conflict detection.
  • Multi-sector and multi-position operation with or without pseudo-pilot positions.
  • Speech recognition and automatic pseudo-pilot function.
  • Datalink emulation.
  • Inter- and intra-centre co-ordination.
  • Random and scripted exercises.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator interface.
  • Fast-time running.

Longbow is currently in use with a number of customers for controller training and research purposes.

If you would like to enquire about Longbow or how DM Aviation might otherwise assist with your Air Traffic Management solutions, please e-mail Dale McLoughlin.